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Наши знания - Ваш успех

Наши знания - Ваш успех

Visit from Russian welding professionals

пишет: Ineta Ence

As part of the partnership between the state of Lower Saxony and the Tyumen region in Russia, a group of specialist teachers from various agricultural engineering colleges in Russia visited DEULA-Nienburg in December for a professional exchange of experience and qualified training. Under the guidance of Mr. R. Gulyayev, Head of the Directorate of Professional Education, Russian colleagues learned about modern welding techniques and welding processes.

The main purpose of this project is to prepare the young Russian professionals to participate in the "World Skills Competition". Due to the intensive exchange of experience between the German and the Russian teachers, now even better preparations of the young Russian specialists for the competitions is expected.

At DEULA-Nienburg, the Russian colleagues were able to experience the modern welding technology of our training institution under the guidance of our trainers and were able to witness a friendly German-Russian cooperation.